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tv   Good Day Wake Up 2  FOX  March 25, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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so smile.. with strength. with new colgate enamel health mineral repair toothpaste. smile with strength. >> some showers and some thunderstorms maybe possible through the early afternoon. is that is right? mike woods, i haven't heard that from your whre cast today. maybe not paying you have in attention. >> there you go. >> i'm busy working. but mike says this weekend been will be nice with a full forecast and i'll listen rapidly. that will work. >> in the brussels bombings arrested as police conduct home raids overis night. all of this as the the police of 179s continues to grow. >> "forbes" redevelopment of laguardia airport has been given the go ahead.
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airport and what do they call it? the -- >> appealing as an open legend. port bus terminal in other words. >> remembering comedian gary passed away at the age of 6 according to his publicist he had a heart attack. what a career, what a life. >> what a good guy apparently comedians are weighing in on twitter and social media he was a nice man. shocking talkedded about death with jerry seinfeld tell you about that in a second. happy anniversary to kevin from sandra hutch she tweets back and couple. beautiful couple on twitter. happy anniversary to you guys. love him all weekend and happy birthday to rosanna she also -- yeah she's also like on twitter with us a really great viewer so
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>> happy birthday. >> i'm robert moses. >> i'm juliet huddy that is the man of the moment. >> we immediately thought rosanna scotto. >> now getting confused. >> now i'm confused i have to double check had. because now i don't to mess this up. >> how about that ro -- e anyway let's show you what we have. okay, outside today we have showers coming into town. they're mainly over new jersey haven't is quite made it to the city here yet but i think it is roseanne very good glad we got that straighted out. 44 newark. 46 in sussex and 45 in monticello. allentown 52. temperature changes everybody is l warmerren that it was 24 hours ago two degrees warmer for you in newark. 7 degrees warm or central park but 12 in allentown. that warmer southerly flow is
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are thickening up. showers press in from the west and you'll see plenty of showers out there. light to moderate rain for the first part of today. maybe an isolated thunderstorm that would be about it. and then it clears out late this afternoon into the evening. temp wiewz impressive up to 62 midday an high of 67 and overt weekend easter weekend, high temps around mid-50s for you both saturday and sunday and lots of sunshine out there too. let's see what's going on 6:00 should be getting busy. how are we doing ines? >> right should be getting busier. but i'm expecting traffic to be lighter than normal because of good frud so people are from school and work. street cleaning rules are suspended. meeters remain in effect. no problem garden state parkway northbound. after interchange 14 you have a flipped over car one lane closed in car lane. go to our camera take a look at staten island expressway but victory boulevard good to
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no problem westbound to goethals bridge. driving into the city. lincoln tunnel heading to toll plaza you can see traffic moving find around hey lux five minutes. same for holland and jog washington bridge. trains on or close to schedule. robert and juliet. >> 6:04 secretary of state john kerry arrived in brussels for terror tacks as six arrests have been made in attacks. >> liz dahlem is here fill us in 378 >> in the last hour a lot of changes. good morning both you. the suspect detained in paris raids last night has been linked to paris attacks ringleader he was planning terror attack but there's no reported connection to linking this what happened in brussels. overnight accident is suspects were arrested during overnight raids. authorities haven't said if
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tuesday attacks and we have oughts development. multiple reports citing that siblings sash ya and alexandra killed in the attacks. they're waiting to return to new york o when the blast went off off in the airport. authorities belief another terrorist who may have been linked to the attack sals on the the run especially in subway explosions. he was seen in surveillance video along side main bomb that's a sketch of the man they're looking for there carrying a large bag filled with explosives possible. and belgian government is facing criticism over hand handling of this situation and warned by turkish officials about one of the attackers who was a foreign terrorist fighter. two ministers were offered to resign. [inaudible] >> prime minister an intercabinet requested clearly this morning that i stay on given current situation that in a worse situation you cannot
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>> so another piece of information that we're getting this morning is that people continue to mourn those who were plos. reports indicate that the two brothers may have been involved in this attack were potentially stalking a top nuclear scientist. this is what had we know video footage recovered inside of that apartment. and it's possible they may have been plotting to kidnap that scientist and get information possibly plan a nuclear attack. but again just a lot of changes this morning hearing about those two siblings connections to new york city. reportedly their dead and those paris raids overnight finding more connections to this had terror cell that's been so dangerous over in europe. >> well it seems if you look at what we can see from the initial investigation. you know, you don't have to investigate it was by the american airlines delta, united terminal by a starbucks what people were waiting to get on the flight going to new york.
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>> message is fairly clear. >> terrible. thanks liz. >> thank you. >> close or to home $4 billion redevelop of laguardia airport given the green light by the port authority. >> and listen to this. you thought louisiana embarred ya was first. so much more to talk about. fox 5 teresa priolo joins us from laguardia but port authority kind of a -- disaster zone if you ask me. [laughter] maybe had we're going to get some improvements there and other places as well. >> that is exactly right. they green lighted so many projects yesterday. they were throwing cash around like nobody's business. do you guys remember when the vice president likened laguardia airport to something you phoned in the thrd world country and somebody in midtown that isn't your favorite place either. either of these categories you'll be very happy to learn that both of them are basically going to be scrapped and rebuilt.
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they traited votes back and forth an that made each one happen. good for travelers. >> news they've been waiting for word of improvement laguardia airport and at the bus terminal. first at laguardia governor cuomo laid out his vision for a crumbling outdated and unefficient laguardia airport last july and his plan alone would cost $4 billion. >> out of a 4 billion construction cost this represents largest private apprenticeship for new infrastructure in u.s. history. >> pubtded by private fund while they voted to approve the plan there's still some discrepancy about how much it will cost. >> let's be honest when we talk
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billion. >> despite the need authority can't afford it. which led to some heated exchangings. >> we have gotten into the bad habit here at looking fat each project in isolation. : surprised that you decided to do this in this fashion in a way that frankly looks like it is designed to create headlines and spectacle. moving heated with laguardia due in part to surprise approval of a bus terminal in midtown. whatever the price tag. it's estimated that that new terminal alone could cost $10 billion. all told the authorities thursday approved the lagarde why and nuke projects. new bus terminal $70 million for hudson rail project and more money for airport entities that marks allocation of funds by the authority in one day.
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has been had waiting for these renovations you don't have to wait much longer. expecting to break ground some time maybe this summer. or o certainly before the end of the year. and the bus terminal well they're going to start submitting designs for that and a final design by september. latest from laguardia this morning. back to both of you in the studio. >> some very sad news hollywood is mourning the stop sign and very, very surprising death of gary shandling. he joked about his funeral in appearances. >> what had want at my funeral is a boxing referee to account age at 5 wave it up and say he's not getting up. [laughter] from comedian getting coffee. seinfeld known for it's gary
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no official cause of death is determined but his spokesperson says doctors believe it was a heart attack. he's dead at the age of 66 fellow comedians remember him as a comedic genius. >> devastated through tweets and social media posts coming in. meantime fdny is mourning death of former commissioner. nicholas -- >> served for eight years under mayor bloomberg taking command ors and civil servant who led through dark etion days. a one day may or your of children services. his son said his father died from kerns and will be cremated. nicholas was 83er old. he spent part of his childhood in the foster care system and
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to make that system better per new york city children. >> or our best goes out to his family. all right it's u 6:11 let's get over to michael for a check of the weather. >> get a snapshot as you head out the door. we with could see some shower and storms coming this way. right now not so bad unless you're over new jersey but showers are closing in on us. 51 degrees mild and breezy up to 67 for a high later on today. be if you want or more weather information download the weather app with a live interactive radar that will attract rain for you and show you what's happening in your neighborhood any given point and it with real fruit and low-fat yogurt, at 260 calories, you can feel good finishing dunkin' donuts' fruit smoothies. and now dd perks members can enjoy a fruit smoothie for $1.99.
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>> all right welcome back everyone. let's check out averageses for ted and show you what we have for you today. 67 is your forecast high. the low well tell you what, we dropped it down to 34 but warming u up midnight so yeah pretty warm out there. 67 at the forecast high. normal higher today is 53 degree and 7 record high set back in 1963 so 51 central park. bridgeport 50. 52 in al town and 46 in sussex. winds are still all over the place kind of variable but they're becoming more southerly as time goes on.
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south that's when your temps start going back up. showers haven't been a huge problem but coming into new jersey and headed towards city. they'll be here during morning commute. early on the commute so we've gotten away without dealing with it especially in long island and connecticut but shower are closing in and we have to deals with it. bring umbrella for first part of the day an second should be better for you. cold front ushering through that moisture and showers and isolated it storms will rubble through here from time to time. but it's mainly for again first part of the day because later in the afternoon drier skies should start to show back up. in fact future cast says at about 3:12 most of the showers are done for us in the tristate with a drier trend and then cooler air takes over as it forces its way from canada and clearer temps easter sunday looking pretty good. speaking of here's your easter sunday forecast. getting creative our meteorologist here on staff,
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cool start of the day for easter sunday out toe that sunrise service so we make it up to 56 for a high in the afternoon during easter egg awflg that stuff. that. the year. more showers on monday and then skip to thursday before we see rain again. okay let's bring it on over to ines rosales. maybe, maybe not -- hard to tell so dark out. meters remain had in effect. your commute between rockland and westchester county good. to tappan zee bridge bronx river parkway, the hutch also moving pine. go to our cameras with your commute on l. i. e. by terry road and suffolk county westbound traffic fine. so is eastbound. washington bridge no delays. upper, lower level, and same for lincoln tunnel about a ten
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holland five minutes. trains on or close. robert and juliet. >> thanks so much. war of words between republican presidential rival donald trump and ted cruz is escalating big time. >> running for president just want to throw that out there. >> issue important -- bsh thaw their live it is at the latest. cruz fired back earlier on twitter after trump retweeted this meme of his wife with heidi on left. mrs. cruz the photo is the not exactly flattering. she's an attractive woman but not a supermodel. trump's wife is, okay, whatever. but that photo -- mountain to do some damage and to rile ted cruz up. at a rally cruz told trump to watch it buddy.
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it's not easy to me -- tick me off. but you mess with me wife, my kids that will do it every time. donald, you're a coward and leave heidi the hell alone. [laughter] >> truch mentioned heidi cruise when a conservative superpack ran a facebook ad campaign with trump posing nude in her modeling days. it was a cover of a magazine tasteful i thought. cruz maintains he had nothing to do with that ad but trump and support rs to not agree. a lot of people don't agree as a matter of fact so we'll see what wifey gates brings us today. >> 6:19 now justice department indicted sen iranian hacksers for a dam in westchester county the first time u.s. has charminged state sponsored individuals but they're probably never seeing inside of a u.s. courtroom. iranians tarlgt several bank
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trying to break into the computer system at the dam in new york it was offline at the time. if that wasn't the case, the attorney general says it could have caused major problems. to control water level and outcome thalg clearly could pose danger to the public health an safety of americans. this indictment comes eight months after nuclear deal with iran and it could signal a growing divide in an already uneasy relationship. >> former nypd police officer feater liang apologized to the partner of the man that he killed. liang met face-to-face in brooklyn yesterday. he apologized for the ricocheted shot that hit an unarmed akai gurley back in 2014. she told him because of his actions her three-year-old daughter would grow up without a
6:21 am
convicted of manslaughter his reaction to that -- conviction. but brooklyn d.a. recommended probation instead of jail saying incarceration is unneeded to protect public many this case. gurley's family is furious. listen. >> it's an outrage, a disgrace to not only the family. the community, and the state of new york. >> after meeting some told protesters that, quote, violence is inevitable if liang does not get jail time. he will be sentenced next month and peaces up to 15 years in prison. we have plenty more coming up including this. how queens residents rescued a modo dragon found on the street.
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>> we are wondering mike, and ines were pondering this. sam knows the answer how does a komodo dragon end up in queens. questions after this three foot reptile turns up on a flushing street yesterday. residents trapped the escaped resident hate thatted word neighbors people who live in the area trapped escaped with a bucket until cops aced luckily they can get up to eight feet long and wag 200 pounds. >> cow imagine? lizard is now in captivity not legal here in new york city?
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but didn't want it as a pet anymore. netflix admitting to slowing down videos speeds of some customers. i didn't understand this story. movie streams service says this affects customer had watching on a ngts a at&t and verizon? told "the wall street journal" the speed to keep customers from going over their data limits. this information came to light after verizon threatened to sue netflix over allegations that it was to blame for slow connections. so it's leak loading up i don't know. netflix will launch new features in may and let users fine tune how to sell data used. >> on that story -- [laughter] all righty in today's this is
6:26 am
the "health watch" segment a new study is shatters that premise of those dumb blond jokes. >> researchers analyzed iq of 11,000 baby boomers and found -- baby boomers fond that blond women have average iq on key with other hair colors. blond averaged higher within three points. >> that's rooght yon that i'm a true blond but but light u brown to be honest with you. >> scientists say that's not a significance and found the same result for men. >> i love the video shows hair extensions. perfect for me. your top stories when we come back. how much playboy could be going for. >> l women of russia did you it see that one? the naked ladies of russia.
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>> good morning everybody. tgif. showers and thunderstorms a possibility through the early afternoon today but then it will clear up and weekend will be pretty nice it looks like. mike has the forecast coming up. >> six suspects in brussels bombings arrestinged as police conduct home raids all of this as the list of suspects continues to grow. >> a multibillion dollar redevelopment of laguardia awrpt has been had given the green light the approval. to go ahead. but can we also expect some other nightmare place like the port authority. wee will tell you. >> play bay maybe on the market. hey now. 500,000.
6:31 am
reminds me of the larry zander show. >> occasionally not in your bag. >>[inaudible] so funny. by the way. can say have you listened to his interview with celebrities? beth interviewer. first of all he gets this great, a long, you know, period of time to sit there an tack with them but they loosen up. i listen to sally field and it was just bizarre is you don't hear the things that these celebrities say to him when they're in regular interviews. >> shocked but he's more than that. he's actually smart journalist very smart. >> good journalist is right. that's true and his wife rock. awesome. >> she's --
6:32 am
>> all right let's show you out there cats and dogs don't luke this weather. drizzle and sprinkles thursday and cooling in over the city at this point over five boroughs and they've been coming across northern new jersey for a little while now and there's more to the west of us so we're in it now and making it through the tristate renal and extends become into western sections of pennsylvania. and down to our southwest and south of that. so that's what we're going to deal with here. loolgt to moderate showers coming through and temps on warm side. up to 67 and thunderstorm it is will pop up. most of this in the first half of the day and drying for evening commute. and then sunny skies over this upcome weekend high temps in mitd 50s over the weekends too. let's bring in ines and check out what's happening with the commutes this morning. too dark outside. but yeah --
6:33 am
>> suspended because of good friday and meters in effect. traffic looghter than normal and some have it off from work. l.i.e. light traffic already backed up to cloor view but right now you have delays approaching queens boulevard no issue grand central doing fine. go to our cameras with staten island expressway by victory boulevard you're okay. a great delay to eastbound side you are fine. bqe to brooklyn bridge normal stop and go there heading northbound. trains things on or close to schedule. street cleaning rules are in effect. robert and juliet. >> thank you very much. something new crossed it shall the official says that now at least two americans were killed in those brussels attacks at least they are confirming that. multiple reports that sibling sasha and alexander killed in those attacks they were waiting to return to new york when blast went off. u we don't have any confirmation that they were killed we want to make that clear.
6:34 am
overneelgt in brussels six people were arrested after police conducted home r5eudz. authorities haven't said if bombing. a suspect also detabled in paris last night said to be by the way, in the final staimgs of planning an attack. officials say he's linked to mastermind of paris attacks this criticism. they admit they were warned by turkish official about two. e two ministers did offer to resign. requested in a war situation you cannot leave the field. >> this guy offers to resign, and he submits his resignation and he will not accept it. john kerry is in belgian this morning and he's going to be holding antiterrorist attacks with government lead thrers. so that information will start
6:35 am
>> according to officials threetion two americans have died but we're not sure of their identities at this point. >> mooing on into happier potentially news. 4 billion redevelopment of louisiana embarred ya airport may put in a massage bar. one can only dream. and good food. it has been given the green light by the port authority. >> that's the crazy part. not the only project. teresa priolo live now at laguardia airport to tell us about a project whose price tag is undetermined. [laughter] can you believe that? they green lighted a project with no price tag that is incredible a real shocker. good morning to both of you good morning everyone typically they don't make flashy headlines but when they pull the check book and cash ysh checks, our ears perk up.
6:36 am
laguardia because the expansion project is, in fact, a go. this was first proposed by governor cuomo back in july and connect the terminals which doesn't happen had now. and tear down terminal b in favor of a grand hall. revising will cost anywhere from 4 to about 5.5 billion depending on hold who you ask. travelers are in favor of this. here's the executive chairman of the port authority. >> out of four billion construction cost had project represents plearnlings private partnership in history. : laguardia project wouldn't have happened if it wasn't for bus terminal and real shocker of yesterday's meeting is that they get a new bus terminal that happened because of a trading of votes. within board member agreed to abandon a plan to move that bus terminal from midtown to si u
6:37 am
exchange for new jersey appointee looking to expand this promote. there's no word on how much that bus terminal will cost. there are estimates it could be ten to 15 billion but we don't know for sure. these projects green lighted yesterday one of just a few. they also allocated money to hudson rail project and threw cash at the path station and threw more cash at the george washington bridge and ploing tunnel all told according to the executive chaimplet port authority yesterday's allocation was the single largest allocation of funds in the port authority's history in just one day. that's the latest from louisiana louisiana laguardia back to you in the studio. >> sad story on staten island a mother and son are dead easer a triple shooting there. >> this sounds horrific killer opened fire outside the maror in harbor houses.
6:38 am
started over an argument of a car that was for sale. rivera mother heard shots and she was nearby and rushes outside to see what's going on. police say that's when the gunman shoots her in the face as well. he also shot another man in the leg before racing from the scene in a dark colored hon accent wearing a gray hoodie if you have any information on this man, please call crime stoppers 1-800-577-tips. >> deliverly cab driver in i don't think rs sphooghting for his life. christian picked up a fare and went warning the passenger stand him in the neck severing his arteries. he ran across the street to st. johns hospital. his drove off in the cab. police found abandon vehicle on saw mill river road if you have any information call yonkers detective division. and there's a 3,000 dollar reward in this case. >> if you vnt registered to vote you better hurry. today is the deadline your
6:39 am
marked no later than today and received bid board of elections no later than the the 30th to vote in the presidential primary. and you have to be a registered republican to volt republican. or registered democrat to vote in the democratic race. let's talk business. lauren simonetti joins us now pup good morning to you. >> robert moses juliet, good morning you got the green memo. >> let's talk about microsoft. >> okay so an artificial intelligence robot and learn how to respond the way we do as humans in conversation, and it was targeted towards millennials 18 to 24-year-old crowd. talk the way they talk on social yeetd. more you talk to it the more you tweet at it the spot it would get.
6:40 am
but it got offered a smart as in i'm not intelligent smart other type of smart that they have to yank it after 24 hours because the spot was learning offensive language. racist and sexist stuff and learning fast and wasn't learning right kind of thing so they have to work on this a little bit. i can't repeat many of these tweets to you. but this is television. but you know this is artificial intention gone wrong. >> america. >> file this under that category what could possibly go wrong. apparently a lot. >> want a robot or artificial intelligence system to talk the way we talk make a real friend. a person. doesn't have to know lol language or whatever it is they're saying these days. >> not everyone is as friendly and wonderful as you. fnght or you. >> have a great weekend. >> happy easter.
6:41 am
for us. speaking of easter everyone knows that easter bonn et will hold up on sunday and -- >> hat too. fifth avenue. >> yeah on fifth avenue and fifth avenue i think it is. leak a short one. anyway, but easter should be out of here but not a huge deal but it is mild and breezy maybe a few thunder bufferrers rolling through tun and nice sunny weekend with us in the mid-50s. rain showers return for a kickoff of the next week but easter weekend we're in good shape. mild temps. like they should be. bring in ines and see our commute at this point and time. hello there ines. . not much great out there. meters are in effect. your commute on long island dong good. l.i.e. heading into queens no problem onson or northern states
6:42 am
80, 78 your choice all green there especially parkway at moment. george washington bridge up or,
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stay tuned more in new york state, we believe tomorrow starts today. all across the state, the economy is growing, with creative new business incentives, and the lowest taxes in decades, attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. like in buffalo, where the largest solar gigafactory in the western hemisphere will soon energize the world. and in syracuse, where imagination is in production. let us help grow your company's tomorrow -
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>> 6:45 let's talk a look at the headlines. u.s. officials confirm the that at least two americans are among decide in brussels terror tacks. meantime six poem arrested after raids in that city last night. no,authorities are not said if they're connected to bombings and in france police arrested a man sad to be in final stages of a bomb plot there. >> scary. shocking news beloved comedian garry shandling passed away he was 66 years old. no official cause of death has been determined but spokesperson says officials belove it was a heart attack. >> trout are and salmon fishing season begin the first and stock four million fish this year.
6:46 am
state is among best fishing opportunities in the nation. >> ever seen a playboy wrong? >> never. ear muffs. ear muffs. >> most iconic magazines could be soon up purpose sale. the company -- >> playboy. close your eyes robert. >> company has hired to have a sealing. they can fetch $500 million despite a huge drop in subscribers to the as of 2015. company earned substantial profits through the print and online as well as licensing doles. it was put on presidents market recently for $200 million. >> ludicrous money. . that price. >> so gross. >> why would anyone buy that? >> i guess for saying that you bought the playboy mansion.
6:47 am
put it this way i wouldn't go into the grado would you? >> famous like the cave, the poll for later on. [laughter] >> this morning we have a look at sports. >> unplugged. nets hosting calves last neeght at barclays center. lebron james put up 30 pound but got help from brook lopez keyed this game 22 points. nets surge late. they won 104-95. knicks beat the bulls in chicago. both at the garden again and knicks did it again. rookie is on fire that guy is amazing. 19 upon the carmeloing knocked down 26. sweep with a win. >> college hoose madness e scores and no upsets in south
6:48 am
beat maryland 79-63. second seated villanova blew out number one oregon dispatched duke 68. oklahoma beat texas a and mechanics 67-63. hockey tevels facing robert moses's hometown pittsburgh, penguins all jersey in this one. two goals in the first period. one in the third. gets the first nhl stopping all shots. devaluates won 3-1 the final. a skating coach in nhl honored with hall of fame nominations. barbra was power skating coach for islanders during dynasty years born and razzed on long island and coaches younger player and nominated for hockey hall had of fame in to toronto and find out if she makes it this summer. well deserved. all right michael. it's over to you. do you have plans for the
6:49 am
>> i do as a matter of fact. on. out to texas to see friends. and then arizona and then california. so -- >> are you off next week? >> prach the who will week. along with a long weekend. >> very long weekend. in fact two weekends. anyway. excuse me. events and charlie. >> about time. time off this year. i don't think -- anyway here's what we have with the ray dear scanning some showers out there over the city. over lower hudson valley 95 corridor heading into long island too, and it's been trying to get lane there and now making a press across. 51 central park. 52 degrees in allentown but generally temps should be a little bit warmer today because we have the winds starting to kick in from the south. but it takes time for it to warm up. but gong to sew that happening as showers get town that southerly flow helicopter.
6:50 am
us but not enough going on to get a lot of thunderstorm and so on action out of this bad boy. but that will come through and pockets of heavier rain and occasional thundershower. white face mountain loose conditions there with 34 trails open and favorite snow, corn snow chunky and icy, and you know, could be better spring ski is basically bottom line. but 28 trails open. forecast for the weekend let's talk about easter sunday. it is beginning to be a nice one. nice, temps up to 49 degrees by 11 a.m. high temp 56 that starts off on cool side but ends up where we should be. again showers and storms for you today but weekend nice and sunny, dry, and milted. more showers come through on monday by tuesday it's out of here. daily and hourly forecast and live interactive radar download for free today and you're all set to go here. juliet and robert over to y'all. >> thank you very much.
6:51 am
cast. latest entertainment news is next. >> madonna getting on her neighbor's bad side. ernlings this is so bad. what she's done to make sure people stay away from her driveway. this is good.
6:52 am
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>> good morning friday traffic lighter than normal and street cleaning rule under thes suspended. one blocking a lane. show you the lincoln tunnel no delays this morning there. same for holland and george washington bridge. long island railroad will have extra service for you early getaway service incase you're leaving town early. robert an juliet. >> mike and a ines you have to be part this of this move that robert will shows us. hirings. scroll up. for first time ever rolling stones are in cuba. >> arrived in havana and going to play a free con srt. it was banned an fans were harassed by police. but tonight more than half a
6:55 am
cram into the vawmed with thousands more pouring into the streets. okay, so madonna is in very hot water with the city for putting up some no parking signs. account they're fluent her townhouse driveway on east 81st street. she also put a bold yellow stripe on the curb and even imprinted word no parking into the sidewalk according to the city, she can't do that. only o city can. the material girl fired back saying on instagram if people park in front of her driveway she can't use it. city says she has 30 days to remove ideals low paint and sidewalk imprint. madonna says she is will. >> okay. all right. i hard madonna in my year. get ready for an ep iic farewell to "american idol." >> the run final four will perform the next night and then
6:56 am
7th not only will last winner announced but past ones like kelly clash clarkson carrie underwood and all starts tuesday april 5th right here on fox 5. if you're looking to make it bug on broadway hamilton shoulding audition. >> no prier prior threat or experience is necessary looking for replacement to broadway prux and new cast members for upcoming national tours. our awe diss held in new york on may 3rd. for more informs go to hamilton >> wherever robert leaves for the day, he comes into my office and what -- did come on robert this is what you do. >> what -- [laughter] >> juliet.
6:57 am
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greg: hi, everybody. welcome. i am greg kelly. it is good friday. kerry: a chance of afternoon thunderstorms. mike with this checking the easter weekend forecast. greg: to american citizens were killed in the personals terror attack. they were the missing siblings we have been reporting about. greg: did you hear? this was a real surprise. love that hearing on -- gary handling show. that at the age of 66.


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